Welcome to Champ and Nessie!

Deep in the heart of Pangea, a long, long time ago, two prehistoric creatures became best friends. Little did they know, that one day when they least expected it, they would be separated by a gigantic earthquake. After a great flood Champ sets out alone on a remarkable journey across the ocean to find Nessie. Like a map written in the stars, he follows a constellation shaped like a heart and arrow in the hope that he can find his best friend. Along the way Champ encounters many obstacles and makes new friends. Champ even meets up with a great white shark! What will Champ do!?

This is the story of Champ and Nessie. Who show that with perseverance, love, and good friends anything is possible!

I hope you will take a moment and check out our “BLOG” for fun facts about the characters in our story and interesting information regarding Pangea, where our adventure begins!

Coming Soon!

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