Let me bring your words back to life…


Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes on your project. I know as an Author, writing is hard, even if you love it. You start a sentence, you stop…you think – is it good enough? You will read the same paragraph 20 times and still don’t know if your getting your point across. You go through waves of emotions, thinking – is my story good enough to publish? The answer is yes! Yes, it is! All you need is a new outlook on your manuscript. Re-focus. A little editing, a revision here and there, and boom! You will be well on your way to Self Publishing your story!

I am offering my services on a FREE Editorial Assessment. That’s right…100 % FREE. All you have to do is email AdventuresofChampandNessie@gmail.com, with the subject of your book and a brief synopsis and I will select 10 people to do a FREE editorial assessment. Don’t send your files until you have received the green light from me. I am a Children’s Book Editor, and Author of the Children’s Book Champ and Nessie. I also have a new Picture Book series coming out this January. My niche is in picture books, storybooks, and middle grade nonfiction. I have been freelance content creating and editing for 10+ years. Even if you need help finalizing your storyboard or just someone to bounce and idea off of, I can help. Follow me on Instagram for updates and Free Giveaways coming up this Holiday Season.

There is nothing I love more than diving into a manuscript and helping to pull out all its potential. I believe in collaboration, but also brutal honesty. Too often as an author it is difficult to see where a story is not being true to itself. That’s where I come in. It’s my job to tease out the scenes that are good and help you to make them great. To find the moments that aren’t quite working and figure out how to turn them into the strongest scenes in the story. Together, we can shape your book into what you always dreamed it would be.

I generally offer two rounds of edits. I consider both to be developmental editing, but I think many other editors may consider my first round to be an editorial assessment, so I’d like to carefully break out for you what is included in each round.

Editorial Assessment—$FREE
In the Editorial Assessment round, I will have a read of the book and note any big-picture issues. I will send you a full reader’s report on the manuscript, detailing any areas that are not working and that will need a big revision before I can do a more detailed edit. I will also provide a marked-up manuscript with comments/tracked changes featuring my notes. As part of this, I will of course include suggestions on how to fix any problems that may appear in the manuscript, and am more than happy once you have read the report to go back and forth with you to discuss revisions. The benefit of including this round is that you have addressed any major issues that would require a rewrite before going line by line to look at the words. It can be challenging to do a full line edit on sections of story where a major revision is being suggested.

Below is what normally happens after the “big picture” editorial assessment. If you are interested we can discuss the second round of editing.

Developmental Edit
Once you have made the big-picture changes, I will then do my second read on the manuscript. This is the line-editing stage, which means that I will go line by line, paying attention to the specifics and how the words are actually reading. This is where the fine details get fixed. Do the words you’ve chosen seem appropriate? Is your character using vocabulary that is right for the age group? Is what you’re trying to say coming across properly? For this stage, you will get a word document back from me with tracked changes so you can see everything I’ve suggested altering. At the end of the day, this is your book, so my suggestions are simply that. You can take them, or ignore them if you disagree.

Although I recommend doing both rounds of edits, it is up to you whether you would like one or both.