Day 1…Flame

#ThankfulNovemberChallenge, books

If I ever have the opportunity to ask an author a question, I usually want to know about their very first idea. What was that first, tiny spark that turned into the massive flame that became their completed book or series? I know a lot of hard work went into writing that story in order for me to hold their book in my hands. How did it all begin? I am always fascinated when I hear stories about how a tiny spark, turned into a great flame. Most authors if you ask them will tell you it all started with a single spark of inspiration one random day. I know if you asked me, I would tell you my inspiration came from my husband, over the course of many random (this book is never going to happen) days. I don’t know where or how I came about writing again. It got lost somewhere in the struggle of life, work, and motherhood. I always wanted to feel a lightening strike, a lightbulb moment, where a story came to me in perfect glory. It took me a little while to realize it never happens like that. I finally reached a point in my life where I know, you just have to do what you love. And discovering writing again has made me realize that. Once you have your eyes open to stories and magic and mayhem and mischief, the sparks come from everywhere. I remain fascinated and thankful for these moments of inspiration, especially since I am now a published author.

What sparks will light your flame? Where will your next wave of inspiration flow from?