Champ and Nessie

Champ and Nessie

Deep in the heart of Pangea, a long, long time ago, two prehistoric creatures became best friends. Little did they know, that one day when they least expected it, they would be separated by a gigantic earthquake. After a great flood Champ sets out alone on a remarkable journey across the ocean to find Nessie. Like a map written in the stars, he follows a constellation shaped like a heart and arrow in the hope that he can find his best friend. Along the way Champ encounters many obstacles and makes new friends. Champ even meets up with a great white shark! What will Champ do!?

This is the story of Champ and Nessie. Who show that with perseverance, love, and good friends anything is possible!

Want to know more about us? Take a moment and check out our BLOG for fun facts about the characters in our story and interesting information regarding Pangea, where our adventure begins!

Follow the stars with Champ and his friends on a magical adventure across the sea!

 WHY will you love this book? Take a look at Champ and Nessie. Look at their adorable faces! Based on the cover alone how could you resist? Once you open it up, you will discover the beautiful world of Pangea and a sweet story about two prehistoric best friends!

WHAT will you learn? Empathy, Kindness, Equality. 

WHAT we hope you will take away from this story…You never know where the journey will lead you. But of you have faith, anything is possible. 

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