About the Author


Zebulan (Zeb) Frayne is a United States Air Force Veteran, Registered Nurse, loving Husband, dedicated Father and an Eagle Scout. He has always enjoyed the simple pleasure and transcendence that reading a book can give you. He and his wife Sherry live in New Jersey with their two crazy dogs, and wonderful son.

Champ and Nessie is the couple’s first children’s book. They are inspired to write more adventures. The inspiration for this story came when the couple could not conceive a child. Zeb wanted to write a story for his wife and unborn son. This book is the epitome of love. It is a heartwarming journey of two characters that show that with persistence you can overcome any hardship. His characters are clever and fearless. Along the way, the prehistoric pals overcome many challenges and learn the value of teamwork and friendship. Zeb is passionate about inspiring kids to not give up, and to always follow your heart.

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