Day 2…Plant

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Think about your goal. Realistically, what will it take to make your dream a reality? How can you make it happen? As a writer I know inspiration can strike in abundance or be lost for months on end. Don’t stress out over things you can’t control. Empower yourself to think positively and take baby steps forward every day!

Really think about what you would like to accomplish and take a moment to think about these 5 prompts below.

  1. My goal is…
  2. First I have to…
  3. Next I will…
  4. Then I will…
  5. Finally I can…

How many emotions just flew through your mind? Excitement? Fear? Insecurity? Confusion? One extremely important thing I learned this year publishing Champ and Nessie, is that you have to water your idea every day! Every. Single. Day. Instead of thinking “I have so much work to do!” or reminding yourself daily that the finish line is so far away, think positive! Don’t think about what you need to do in a month from now, focus on the task in front of you. Baby steps move us forward every day. Think instead “I am so excited to work on this amazing project!”

Plant your seed below! Fill out our Free Goal Worksheet below. Then, focus on what you will need to do next! Notice how I will, and I have to, turn into finally I can!

I hope you will share your journey with me! Email your goal sheet to!

Click here to download your Goal Worksheet

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Nothing worth having comes easy…

books, mindset, positive thinking

Mindset is what separates the best from the rest.

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently. Working hard at anything needs to become a habit, you have to make it fun! You will begin to feel self satisfaction from pushing yourself to the limit.” — me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

On the record, I had a really hard time with this book. I wasn’t on board with the plan for many years. I had no intention of spending any money to illustrate, edit or publish it. I kind of thought my husband was crazy! But if I have learned anything from Zeb in the 10+ years we have been together it is, the way you speak to yourself impacts your life so much. What you allow yourself to feel and think controls your life. I never thought we would ever publish this story. Ever. To quote my very sweet and wise husband, “Everyone has to start somewhere.” Which automatically makes me break out into song, “If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention!” From one of my favorite movies, Sister Act 2. No matter what your goal is, you have to put in the work. That can be really hard when you work full time, have endless responsibilities and sometimes you just need time to catch up on Outlander. But the truth is, no one cares if you don’t accomplish your goal. No one will know your struggle, or what goes on behind the scenes. No one cares about your fears. You either show up and get it done, or you don’t.

Truth be told, Zeb dreamed up and wrote this story in 2013 with every intention of selling the storyline to Disney. You have to appreciate his optimism and infectious high hopes. I lovingly played along for years, as the document was revised time and time again. It wasn’t until winter 2018, I decided to really use my writing skills and see if I could make his manuscript come to life. I spent weeks with my red pen, adding dialogue and creating a conversation between the characters in the book. All while taking care of my 3 year old, selling our house, packing up my entire life, moving in with my in-laws, renovating our new home from top to bottom and working full time. But once Champ and Nessie had a voice, I fell in love. Paying tribute to a very dear friend, I added a new character, and the words just started jumping off the page. It was worth every sleep deprived night. Thank goodness for wine and Oreos.

Words cannot express how happy we are for our book to be published next week! August 29th! 10 days away!

We have already begun writing the next adventure in our series, “The Journey to Montauk”, and are so excited for what the future holds!