Raising Readers


Children are made readers in the laps of their parents.

Emilie Buchwald

At my baby shower in lieu of a wishing well, I asked everyone to bring their favorite children’s book and inscribe it. As a writer, and lover of books, I wanted to start Logan’s library as soon as possible. And let’s be honest, books can be expensive.

My almost four year old has accumulated over 150 books. Each one in its special place on his meticulously organized bookshelf. (I can’t wait to get Champ and Nessie on the shelf!) We have spent so many Monday’s at Story-time meeting authors at Barnes and Noble. And of course, we come home with a new book every week. Since birth, I have purchased a special book for him for every milestone and wrote something Love, Mom inside every one. I’m that mom crying in the aisle at B&N reading a story like I’m reading a Hallmark card. For instance, have you read Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You, by Nancy Tillman? Or God Gave Us You, by Lisa Tawn Bergman? PSA if you didn’t, grab tissues! I always like to purchase a book as a souvenir or a gift. If it brings you back (or takes you to), a special place or memory even for a moment, it’s worth the space it takes up on the shelf.

If you read the blog post “On Frayne Pond” which was published on Champ and Nessie September 11, 2019. You would have read about why we love Vermont. While we were there this past summer we took a ride to the “OG” Vermont Country Store. Being a tiny book lover, Logan picked up Night Night Vermont by Katherine Sully. It’s a beautifully illustrated story depicting all the memorable landmarks and landscapes in Vermont. Every time we read it, he recognizes a place we went or something we did in Vermont and it jogs his little memory. It warms my heart to see him excited for reading. Pair that with my D. Lasser Ceramic hand crafted mug, and you have a match made in bedtime heaven. Bring on the Sleepy Time tea!

Everything is linked below!

Night Night Vermont

God Gave Us You

Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You


Vermont Country Store