On Frayne Pond


These Walls… If these walls could talk of things that they remember…Stories of cherished loved ones, rooms filled with joy and shouts of laughter. If these hallowed halls could share the tale they speak…of children having pillow fights and playing games of hide and seek. If these window panes were eyes, I guess they would have seen it all…Each dream dared big enough to dream, each little tear, each hug…each sigh. If this house could share its talks of the lives inside these walls…it would tell you of unfailing love and all the memories tucked away…That is what these walls would have to say.


Many years ago, before Zeb and I were officially a couple, he asked me if I would be interested in spending a weekend together in one of his favorite places on Earth. His family home in Vermont. Being that I was head over heels for him, I happily agreed. He later told me he knew “I was the one” that weekend, and truth be told, I knew too.

From the moment we arrived I knew this was a very special place for Zeb. We spent the next 72 hours wrapped up in conversation, holding hands watching the fireplace flicker. He was filled with stories and recanted memory after memory of all the time he spent there as a child. I just sat there in awe of the affection he had for his family. I was having all the feels for his loving and sweet sentiment.

We relived all those memories together as we swam in the pond on the property, took a spin in the kayak, listened to his Grandmother’s Mozart and Beethoven collection as we sipped coffee from our ceramic mugs. Quietly enjoying each other’s company and the peacefulness of the evergreens from the deck perched off the side of the house. We walked hand in hand through his Grandparents beautiful garden, picking the last of the blueberries and raspberries. It was completely enchanting. He took me to Bromley Ski Mountain and we took a ride on the alpine slide, ate artisanal cheese from the local farm, drank wine and consumed about 4 boxes of maple candies. I vividly remember Zeb standing in the doorway to the kitchen holding two glasses of wine, he said “So, I’m not seeing anyone else…how about you don’t see anyone else either?” And that sealed the deal on our now 11+ years together.

This past winter our 3 year old son made his first ski tracks at Bromley, and played in the ski school while we drank a beer around the outdoor fire pit and reminisced about how we “fell in love” in Vermont. In July we spent a few days together “On Frayne Pond”, what I jokingly refer to it as. We are blessed to be able to keep making new memories here as a family. Watching our son fearlessly jump off the dock in the pond with our nephew, swimming and playing together. As their Great Grandparents, Grandfather, Uncles, Cousins and Father has in the years before. Precious times spent together in a very precious place.

We all have different memories of this magical place. But together we have a beautiful story that will be apart of the “Frayne Pond” legacy forever.