What is a Plesiosaurs?



Our main character Champ, is a Plesiosaurus!

A plesiosaurus is an extinct, large marine reptile that lived during the early part of the Jurassic period. It is distinguished by its small head and long, slender neck. In short, the name of this reptile means “almost lizard.” One of the most interesting facts about a plesiosaurus is that despite having a large awkward body they were very good swimmers. They had a muscular and stocky torso, a short tail, and four large flippers that allowed them to propel through the water at great speed. They were twice as long as a horse and weighed around 1000 pounds! Although this creature could spend a considerable amount of time submerged beneath the water hunting squid, plesiosaurs could not breath under water. They had to come to the surface to draw air.