CRAZY about books! FREE E-BOOK!


Are you CRAZY about books? We are! And to show our love for reading we are offering Champ and Nessie’s E-Book FREE for a limited time.

If you are like me and don’t own a Kindle Reader you can easily install a free Kindle reading app on iOS, Android, MAC and PC by clicking here. Definitely check this out, Prime members have access to 1000’s of Free books and magazines. You can connect to Alexa, share books with family members, borrow e-books from local libraries and BONUS when you cant read, you can listen to your book with the Audible audiobook app all from the kindle app. I own a NOOK, by Barnes and Noble, but I do LOVE my Kindle app and have it on my iPhone and iPad.

Side note – It is Champ and Nessie’s Two week Book-Aversary! YAY!

We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support for our story, the last two weeks have been so amazing. I hope you will head over to Amazon and download a copy of Champ and Nessie’s E-Book FREE! If you do, please leave us an honest review on Amazon. Thank you!